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A new study says 1 billion wireless subscribers worldwide will be connected to 5G by the end of the year.

Offering users zero-latency high-speed internet, 5G technology has also appeared on smartphones in recent years.
Although many countries are not yet ready for this technology, some countries have already created and used 5G infrastructure.

According to a new report by Ericsson, 1 billion users worldwide will be connected to the internet with 5G by the end of the year. This number is still far behind 4G, which reached around 5 billion subscribers in 2022.

Prices will rise with 5G
Ericsson states that 25 percent of operators that offer 5G globally demand a premium for 5G over 4G services, with an average price difference of around 40 percent.
According to the report, by 2028, 5G is expected to reach 5 billion subscriptions worldwide, accounting for 55 percent of all network subscriptions.
Still many countries are not ready
It is thought that 5G will not be able to create even half of the total connections by 2024. Because many countries still have high-quality 4G networks and adopting 5G will not be easy.
The decrease in the costs of 5G-supported phones is a very important factor to increase sales.

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