Photo by Steve Jurvetson onĀ

Dennis Tito, an 82-year-old US millionaire, and his wife Akiko purchased a trip to the Moon from SpaceX, the space enterprise owned by billionaire businessman Elon Musk. It will take a week to complete the mission using the Starship rocket, which is currently under construction.

Although Starship has not yet been launched into space, SpaceX will still offer cruises on the mega-rocket in the future. The first passengers for SpaceX’s second lunar orbital voyage were just announced: Dennis and Akiko Tito.

The pair will join the starship with 10 other passengers and go around the moon. The capability of a starship to orbit the moon has not yet been realized. As a result, there is no set departure date, but it is apparent that the Titos spent a fortune on this trip.

Original space tourist Dennis Tito received media attention as the first commercial astronaut to visit the International Space Station in 2001.

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