Photo by Michael Fousert on Unsplash

A US startup has designed an electric vehicle battery that lasts more than twice as long as current batteries and can be completely charged in only a few minutes.

The Harvard University startup Adden Energy has powered a watch battery prototype that can charge in three minutes and has a lifetime of more than 10,000 charge cycles. It obtained $5.15 million in investment in order to quickly market and improve the technology.

The 37 percent of Americans who do not have a garage at home and consequently cannot charge their electric vehicles at home at night has inspired William Fitzhugh, CEO of Adden Energy, to promote the broad usage of this technology.

One of the most significant steps we can take in the battle against climate change, according to Fitzhugh, is making the whole world’s car fleet electric.

The program claims that addressing the “plague” of climate change depends on the quick development of sustainable energy storage technologies.

This “new battery example” is thought to be essential to accomplish this aim, despite predictions that the electrification of the whole global vehicle fleet might decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 16 percent.

“If we’re going to progress towards a clean-energy future, electric vehicles, which today account for literally only 1% of the vehicles on the road, cannot stay a luxury item,” according to Xin Li, associate professor of materials science at Harvard and science advisor to Adden Energy. “The US won’t have a used vehicle industry if EV batteries only last for three to five years,” he predicted.

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