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University of California researchers have created a special implant that enables paralyzed patients to write just by thinking. The medical community views the implant as “promising.”

Artificial intelligence has enabled the progressive production of artificial organs and limbs as well as the use of tiny robots to treat illnesses. Although the majority of people believe that these technological advancements should be promoted, this demonstrates that humanity has begun to become automated.

A technique that will allow people with permanent brain damage and who have lost the capacity to speak to communicate themselves purely through thought was developed in a trial that was done in May of last year. The technique is quite promising and has been evaluated over the last 12 months.

In June of last year, a team of highly qualified scientists and researchers at the University of California started testing the brain implant. A patient who had a brain stem stroke 15 times previously volunteered for the tests, but even though the patient could previously only perceive 15 words with the implant. The implant can already detect more than 50 words and 1,000 sentences as a result of the technological improvements and machine learning made in 2022, according to a similar report.

The patient can write what he wants to express while remaining seated, thanks to the implant connected to the computer. Of course, this method is not as simple to use as it first appears. That’s why the program will be in real life maybe after several years…

The latest results, according to Newcastle University in UK’s Patrick Degenaar, professor of neuroprosthetics, were “very impressive and promising.” Professor, who specializes in comparable sorts of cerebral palsy, noted that neuroprosthetic surgeries are very expensive and risky, but that this kind of technology can dramatically change patients’ life and that such illnesses may one day be as common as colds.

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