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As part of its 2023 goal, Saudi Arabia is one of the nations that place a strong emphasis on space research. The crew that will be flown to space as part of the national program will also include a female astronaut.

The Saudi Arabian government’s official news agency (SPA) reports that one of its 2023 goals includes a space program.

The program’s declared goal is to prepare Saudi Arabian cadres for participation in international partnerships in upcoming space exploration missions and for short- and long-distance space flights.

It was mentioned that Saudi Arabia wants to contribute to space research as well as profit from the space industry sector, which is anticipated to grow in importance in the future.

Saudi Arabian society’s gender roles are influenced by both tribal and Islamic civilizations. The Arabian Peninsula is said to be home to patriarchal, nomadic, and purdah-based (the separation of men and women) tribes.

Regardless of their age, all women in the nation must have a male guardian.

One of the nations with one of the worst records for women’s rights worldwide is Saudi Arabia. Without the approval of their spouses or other male family members, Saudi women are unable to get passports and travel abroad.

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