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With 6G technology, engineers from the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) and LG Electronics smashed the record for range.

Technologies from the 5G period and before support communication at frequencies around 100 GHz. The terahertz (THz) spectrum will be used by the 6G technology, which is currently in development. With 6G technology, data transfer speeds will be around 50 times quicker than 5G. However, 6G technology will only have 10% of the bandwidth of 5G.

LG sets a new distance record using 6G technology.
The engineers achieved a new milestone in coverage when they were able to triple the data transmission distance. Data was transferred across 320 meters by the researchers, who tested at frequencies between 155 GHz and 175 GHz.

Given that the significant disadvantage of 6G technology is its limited range, it is feasible to assert that this improvement is significant.

Officials emphasized that this record is a technological accomplishment and that 6G base stations in metropolitan areas may be placed apart by 250 meters. With the success of our most recent demonstration, we are one step closer to achieving 6G speeds of 1 terabit per second (TB) in both indoor and outdoor metropolitan areas, according to LG’s CTO and Vice President Dr. Kim Byoung-hoon.

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