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On YouTube, the position at the top has changed. PewDiePie, who for years held the record for having the most subscribers, lost his position.

Competition on YouTube, the world’s most popular video-sharing platform, is increasing. PewDiePie, which has attracted attention with the title of most subscribers for years, had to step down from the leadership seat.
MrBeast, one of the fastest-rising names in the YouTube world in recent years, has been registered as the channel with the most subscribers.
MrBeast produces high-budget content
Known especially for its high-budget content and adapting the Squid Game to real life, MrBeast rapidly increased its subscriber base, leaving PewDiePie at the top.
The number of subscribers of MrBeast has increased by almost 160 thousand in the last 1 day, exceeding 111 million 846 thousand.

Although MrBeast set a new record in the number of subscribers, it could not catch the number of views of PewDiePie.
PewDiePie, which has been producing content for years, has received more than 28 billion views to date, while MrBeat’s number of views is around 18 billion.

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