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As we know, Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, is planning to begin creating a colony on Mars next year. But Jordan Noone and Tim Ellis’ company, Relativity Space, and Thomas John Mueller’s company, Impulse Space, are cooperating to begin tourist flights to Mars in 2024.

Tom Mueller is a very famous rocket engine designer! When he worked at SpaceX, he designed the TR-106, SpaceX – Merlin, SpaceX – Draco, and SpaceX – Super Draco rocket engines! 

Mueller worked at SpaceX until 2020 and founded the Impulse Space Company in 2021. Impulse Space still hasn’t tried a rocket lunch for space, which is why all of us are waiting for their first lunch trial…

Relativity Space and Impulse Space want to use it for the Mars mission rocket, all of whose parts will be made by 3D printers!
In the near future, we will hear a lot of news about these companies and their Mars trips.

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