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The UK’s security and intelligence agency, the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC), which is the government organization in charge of cybersecurity, has begun to scan all of the nation’s internet-connected gadgets for security problems.

The goal of this procedure is stated as “determining the sensitivity of connected devices and systems to security threats and the status of the United Kingdom against cyberattacks.” The agency stated that “these activities span any UK-hosted system with internet connectivity and significant security concerns owing to their large effect.”

On its own systems, the NCSC analyzes and reviews the data that has been collected. Ian Levy, the institution’s director, believes that no other purpose was intended when collecting the data. Additionally, it is suggested that they currently only perform extremely basic tasks, but that as time goes on, the sophistication of the scanning process will rise. The continual explanation of the justifications for the acts is also stressed.

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