Allergy-Friendly Apple Varieties Will Be in Supermarkets in 2026

Allergy Friendly Apple Varieties Will be in Supermarkets in 2026

Image: Magdalena Jooss / TUM

You know there are a lot of people in the world who don’t know the taste of apples because of “Apple allergy”. But scientists are working on it. In 2025-2026 we will see in supermarkets “allergy-friendly apples’’ and a lot of people will try taste of apple first time in their life.

Osnabruck University of Applied Sciences, Prof. Werner Dierend and his team found 2 new allergy-friendly varieties. Frankly speaking; they found 700 new apple varieties through the ZIN Breeding program but 2 of them are allergy-friendly.

For this news we can tell : A small step for humanity but a big step for those who don’t know the taste of an apple.

Also, there is a big problem with apples which scientists are working on it too! You can’t imagine what it is… When you cut an apple and leave it at room temperature; the piece of apple’s color is white and yellow… But after several hours exposed to room temperature, the color is going to be darker and darker…

photo: homecookbasics

Scientists are trying to keep that white/yellow color after cutting… And in the future, you will see in cafes and at the flights or in supermarkets ”pieces of apples” with long shelf life.

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