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According to a recent Microsoft report, managers and employees have different opinions on how productive working from home is. According to the findings of the poll, which involved more than 20,000 employees in 11 countries, 87% of the employees said they believed working from home increased productivity, while only 80% of managers agreed.

As companies are unlikely to return to their pre-pandemic work habits, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella remarked that this conflict between employees and management has to be handled.

The data we have shows that more than 80% of employees feel very productive from home, but we are required to overcome what we call productivity fears. However, it shows that there is a significant gap between what managers anticipate and how employees actually feel, according to Nadella.

Employers are dealing with what may be the largest change in work methods in history, according to Ryan Roslansky, CEO of LinkedIn, which is owned by both Nadella and Microsoft.

Over the course of the epidemic, there have been more entirely remote job postings on LinkedIn. Roslansky reported that lately, the number of such postings has decreased.

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