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Changesite-(Y) is the new mineral that China found on the moon, but China isn’t the first country to find new minerals on the lunar surface. Needless to say, the USA and Russia found some new minerals before too.

The mineral was carefully separated by researchers into 140 000 small particles and then analyzed through a series of advanced mineralogical methods. According to the Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology, one of the major institutes of China National Nuclear Corp., researchers are now looking for places where they can use this new mineral, if they can use it at all.

Nowadays, lots of companies are interested in space mining. There is very big potential to make big profits because of the limited competition in the space.

There is a very simple way to make this business work:

Go to the moon!

Discover how to mine new minerals!

Bring them to the world; in big amounts!

Make a big profit. 🙂

In the future, we will watch how we find out all these answers, and we will see new, huge companies that we have never heard of before.

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