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The issue of game addiction has been resolved in China. As a result of the extreme measures taken children are permitted to play for less than 3 hours each week…

According to a recent report that included input from families, game developers, and experts, China’s strict gaming regulations appear to be benefiting kids in the nation. As a result of the measures, children play with their parent’s bank accounts less and less often.

According to the study, 75.49 percent of kids currently play for fewer than three hours each week, up from 67.76 percent in 2021. The authorities declared that gaming addiction in kids had “essentially been resolved.” In addition to spending less time playing, the game’s earnings are also decreasing. According to the survey, illegal payments from parents’ bank accounts decreased from 28.61 percent in 2021 to 15.43 percent in 2022, and 30% of kids cut back on their game spending last year.

Restrictions on the number of hours children can play video games in China affect 90 percent of children who play. While children were able to overcome obstacles using their parents’ information, these attempts became less successful when the face verification system was implemented. The report reveals that children who are still addicted to games watch short videos and online videos when their playtime is over.

China and other countries have been trying to combat gaming addiction for many years. In 2018, the World Health Organization classified gaming addiction as a mental health problem and recommended that those affected limit their gaming time and instead play outside to help them socialize.

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