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In China, self-driving cars are becoming more popular. In Beijing, test drives for driverless minibusses are also beginning. The term “fourth-level autonomous” describes self-driving minibusses that lack a steering wheel and a driver’s seat. Beijing airports and theme parks are expected to use driverless minibusses.

In 2023 China is planning to increase the number of self-driving minibusses and after-busses in a lot of regions to decrease carbon emissions in all countries. Of course, it’s not too easy to complete but the first steps for this goal is very positive.

The first public bus route with L4 autonomous driving was introduced by the city of Guangzhou. The bus runs between morning and evening on the Nansha route, which has a total distance of 8.5 kilometers. It connects the bus terminal at Hengli Metro Station with the Lingshan Island Ring Line.

The “Intelligent Traffic Management Vehicle Network Demonstration Zone” is located in Nansha District. The Nansha self-driving bus demonstration line utilizes the “bicycle intelligence + network connection empowerment” technology, and the route fully automates the driving process.

Some technical characteristics of minibusses are:

* Voice commands can be used by the passenger to manage the lighting and air conditioning.
* Distributed in the location of the original rearview mirror are two 64-line LiDARs. LiDARs are unaffected by lighting conditions and are capable of accurately seeing any object within 200 meters, obtaining its three-dimensional information, and determining its distance, orientation, and motion status.
* 12 cameras with high-definition HD Detect and recognize lane lines, traffic lights, traffic signs, etc., as well as precisely identify people and other cars on the road. Capture 360° real-time high-definition photos without blind spots.

* USB ports – Providing passengers with a comfortable journey by using their necessary electronic advises
* Slow-brake buttons: In case of an emergency, passengers can use the slow-brake button to quickly stop the car
* Professional-level safety staff – The L4-level autonomous system controls every aspect of the vehicle, but the safety officer is able to take over in case of emergency.

There is a six-passenger maximum for automated-driving automobiles, and reservations are necessary to use the automated-driving bus. The free-ride participants must be at least 18 years old and fully capable of engaging in civil behavior. A person will be placed on a blacklist and be unable to make further reservations if they miss the bus three at a time.

The services are currently free, however, later fees will be paid back in compliance with the applicable regulation.

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