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Students in China have produced an “invisibility cloak,” which is designed to hide the wearer from security cameras.

The invisibility cloak featured in many sci-fi movies has come true. Students in China have succeeded in developing an “invisibility cloak” designed to hide its wearers from security cameras.
Developed by a team from Wuhan University in China, the jacket called InvisDefense can be used to avoid detection by security camera systems monitored by artificial intelligence.
The jacket uses a pattern to effectively blind cameras during the day, while at night it emits unusual heat signals to confuse infrared cameras.
Can’t hide from people
According to the report, the jacket, which looks ordinary to the human eye, is ineffective at hiding users from human-watched security cameras.

Cameras on the road have pedestrian detection functions, and smart cars can identify pedestrians, roads, and obstacles. InvisDefense, on the other hand, lets the camera capture you, but the camera can’t tell if you’re human or not.
It was stated that the jacket could be used for military camouflage to evade detection by AI-controlled units or drones on the battlefield.

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