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According to Deloitte’s Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Forecasts 2023 report, the virtual reality trend is growing rapidly. It is predicted that the market will reach a size of $7 billion globally.

Deloitte has published its 2023 Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Forecasts report. According to the report, the virtual reality (VR) trend will grow rapidly in 2023.

14 million VR helmets will be sold
In the report, there are predictions about 2023 trends for the worlds of technology, media, and telecommunications. In 2023, the VR market will grow by 50 percent compared to the previous year and reach a volume of 7 billion dollars. It is thought that 90 percent of the growth will come from VR helmet sales. It is estimated that 14 million units of virtual reality headsets will be sold in 2023, with an average price of 450 dollars. This means that there will be a 50 percent increase in the number of actively used VR helmets.

Noting that VR has many opportunities in the corporate field, Deloitte Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Leader Metin Aslantaş said: “Users will be able to gather with colleagues in virtual spaces where they can interact with three-dimensional objects and real-time digital twins by directly touching and using digital models while working remotely.” In 2023, we anticipate the rapid development and adoption of a range of technologies that will help businesses and consumers do more with less. “Breakthroughs in technological developments combined with changing consumer habits require managers to constantly renew their strategies.”

Other highlights in the Deloitte Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Forecasts 2023 report include:
Shopping will turn to social media, its annual size will exceed 1 trillion dollars.
Trade through social media surpasses traditional e-commerce. It is estimated that the product and service expenditures made from social media in the world will exceed 1 trillion dollars in 2023. Considering that more than 2 billion people shopped on social media last year, it is predicted that the shopping volume, which was 800 billion dollars in 2022, will grow by 25 percent next year. According to a study by Deloitte Global, social media influencers influence the purchasing decisions of Generations Y and Z more than those of Generation X. It is stated that in the near future, commerce on social media will evolve, and it will be easier to find new products and make payments simpler and faster.

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