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The driverless and electric New Holland T4 Electric Power tractor is introduced. Here are the features and release date of New Holland T4 Electric Power…

While everyone’s eyes are on autonomous cars that can move on their own, the autonomous tractor world is starting to warm up. CNH Industrial has introduced the New Holland T4 Electric Power, which it says is the first electric light tractor prototype with self-driving features.

The vehicle runs quieter than the zero-emissions, diesel models and promises lower operating costs while reducing the time farmers spend behind the wheel. Sensors and cameras on the roof help the vehicle complete tasks, avoid obstacles, and work in harmony with other equipment. You can even activate the tractor from your phone.

T4 Electric Power’s 120 HP engine produces a top speed comparable to that of regular tractors. CNH says the battery is large enough to handle one day of operation “depending on the mission profile.” It can be charged to full capacity in 1 hour using T4 ready-made fast chargers.

Like Ford’s F-150 Lightning, this tractor can be used as a wheeled power unit. It has sockets for plugging in common tools like drills and acts as a backup power source for emergencies.

The finished T4 Electric Power is expected to be launched at the end of 2023, with more models to follow.

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