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A structure in Dubai that is modeled after the moon was created by a Canadian architectural team. The project is anticipated to cost $5 billion and take two years to complete.

The United Arab Emirates’ emirate of Dubai is well-known for its eccentric architectural endeavors. The Dubai citizens turned to space after drawing inspiration from the outside world.

According to the information that has emerged, an opulent hotel will be built in Dubai that resembles the Moon, the planet’s natural satellite.

The building, which was created by a Canadian architectural team, will stand 225 meters tall. But this hotel also serves as a shopping center. Thus, the goal of the Moon in Dubai is to draw 10 million tourists there each year.

An astronaut training facility was built on the structure by architects in order to boost the design’s credibility. 144 flats will also be available within the moon.

The project will cost more than $5 billion to complete, and it will take around two years.

A Moon in Vegas was scheduled for 2021, according to the announcement. However, the project’s construction has not yet begun.

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