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According to The Guardian, Elon Musk is using Twitter’s headquarters, which he bought for $44 billion, as a hotel.

Elon Musk, one of the richest business people in the world, took the CEO seat by buying Twitter in the past weeks. Musk, who applies strict working policies as soon as he starts working, is on a busy shift.
Explaining that he did not have a house before, Elon Musk turned Twitter’s headquarters, which he bought for 44 billion dollars, into a hotel. It has been learned that the billionaire CEO has been sleeping in the building for weeks.
Photos of the Twitter office space converted into bedrooms, which San Francisco officials are investigating as a possible building code violation, were also shared.
One photo shows a double bedroom with a wardrobe and slippers.

A former employee confirmed that new Twitter boss Elon Musk has remained at headquarters since he bought the firm.
Musk also emailed all Twitter employees last month, asking them to work extremely hard and work overtime. For this reason, it is stated that some employees stay in the office.
The building is under investigation
A Building Control Department official stated that the investigation into Twitter’s headquarters building continues, “We must make sure that the building is used as intended.” said.

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