Elon Musk’s SpaceX got a contract to construct missile-tracking satellites for the Defense Department

Photo by SpaceX on Pexels.com
SpaceX is creating a new satellite bus for the Space Development Agency based on the Starlink design.
 Image: SpaceX

SpaceX got a contract worth $150 million from the Space Development Agency (SDA), entrusting the company with building a modern disciple for the US Army competent of following and giving early notices of hypersonic missile launches.  The satellites are implied to be the primary vital portion of the SDA’s Following Layer Tranche 0, which is outlined to supply rocket following for the Defense Division from space utilizing infrared sensors. SpaceX and L3Harris will together construct eight satellites to provide to the DOD for the Following Layer — the primary satellites in an arranged star grouping.

The SDA needs these eight satellites conveyed and launched by the conclusion of 2022. Alongside the satellites from SpaceX and L3Harris, the organization plans to dispatch up to 20 satellites from the Transport Layer at that time, as well as up to two extra following satellites that are being developed by the Missile Defense Agency. And that’s fair the first group; the SDA plans to put up indeed more satellites within the Following Layer once these starting eight go up, according to Space News.

This is the first time SpaceX has been allowed a DOD award to construct satellites. The company is rapidly developing its satellite flight with its Starlink constellation — a proposed group of about 12,000 satellites aiming to pillar broadband web network down to clients on Earth. To win this SDA grant, SpaceX offered an obsequious concept based on its Starlink plan, Space News reports.

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