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The coronavirus outbreak has increased demand, which has led to chip scarcity in many industries in recent months.

This situation had a significant impact on the automotive industry, and several companies chose to temporarily halt production.

Foxconn, an Apple supplier, said it plans to invest in a new plant to address the chip issue. The company would invest $19.5 billion in the construction of a microchip plant in India. A hundred thousand people will also be employed by the plant that will be built in Gujarat province.

The 1.6 square kilometer facility will be built on land that will be found around Ahmedabad, the state capital, according to Anil Agrawal, manager of the Indian mining company Vedanta.

According to Brian Ho, vice president of Foxconn, Gujarat’s infrastructural development and the state’s active backing of technological initiatives were key factors in the company’s choice to locate its chip facility there.

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