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Google, which has faced many privacy problems and paid millions of dollars in fines, is now facing a new penalty for violating user privacy.
Alphabet, which includes the internet search engine Google, was sued in 2020 on the grounds that it illegally monitors people and violates privacy, despite users’ disapproval.
In the lawsuit filed in the USA, it was claimed that users were tracked, including where they went, and what they looked at, even though they had turned off their web and application activities, and that federal telecom law was violated.
Google will pay $392 million
The Michigan Attorney General’s Office announced that Google, the world’s most used internet search engine, will pay $391.5 million to 40 states across the United States as part of an investigation into allegations that it illegally tracks users’ locations.

Officials reported that Google should be more transparent to consumers about when location tracking occurs and provide users with detailed information about location tracking data on a dedicated web page.
The state of Arizona filed a similar lawsuit against Google and settled with the company for $85 million in October 2022.
Texas, Indiana, Washington state, and the District of Columbia also sued Google in January for deceptive location-tracking practices that violated users’ privacy.

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