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Users of Google Maps have been made aware of the new function. By focusing on fuel and energy economy, the new function, which generates alternative routes depending on the engine type, attempts to save fuel.

Now, the application can plan routes for “gasoline,” “diesel,” “electric,” and “hybrid” cars that use the least amount of gas. When customers select the option best suited to their car from these selections, Google creates the most fuel-efficient route based on the engine type and road conditions.

You must take the following actions in order to use the new feature:

Within the Google Maps program,

1) Launch the Google Maps app on your smartphone.

2) Press the navigational settings button.

3) Select the route selections.

Tap “Prefer fuel-efficient routes” to enable or disable eco-friendly routes.

P.S.: The new function has been working in the USA and Canada for almost a year, and it will be activated in all of Europe soon.

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