Photo by USFWS – Pacific Region onĀ

While human activities and global warming are progressively bringing the Earth to an end, US experts have issued a new disaster warning that might have disastrous effects on the ecosystem. Within the next 13 years, coral reefs, which are essential to the survival of ocean and marine ecosystems, may disappear from half of the planet, according to researchers.

According to recent research done in the United States, half of the world’s coral reefs would be irreparably devastated by 2035 if global warming keeps up its present level.

There really are five key factors:
University of Hawaii researchers have calculated how the world’s coral reefs are affected by changes in sea surface temperature, ocean acidification, tropical storms, land use, and human population increase.

Disasters may happen quickly, as in 13 years.
According to the study’s results, under the worst-case scenario, half of the world’s coral reef ecosystems will be destroyed in just 13 years.

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