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US scientists successfully carried out the “fusion ignition” experiment. The experiment, which has been studied for more than 60 years, has been called “the most impressive scientific achievement of the 21st century.”

There has been a historical development regarding fusion energy, which will revolutionize alternative energy.
The development was announced by Marvin Adams, Deputy Director of the National Nuclear Safety Administration.
Lasers were used to heat and compress small amounts of nuclear fuel to the point where nuclear fusion reactions took place.
Atomic nuclides fused to form “fusion”
In the method, 192 very high-power lasers were fired from pure gold into nuclear fuel at the center of a cylinder.
With the combination of the fuel becoming plasma and the X-rays in the environment, “fusion” was formed by fusing atomic nuclides together.

Clean power plants can be built
As the chain reaction, which is expected to break new ground in alternative energy, become sustainable, new generation “clean energy” power plants can be built in the future.
Experts explained that in the “fusion energy” experiment, which gives its power to the sun, which is an endless source of energy, “much more energy than is used” is revealed.

Infinite energy can be produced
Net energy gain was achieved in the experiment carried out on 5 December.
Thus, it is stated that clean and endless energy can be produced with zero carbon emissions.
However, it is also emphasized that it takes many years to produce power plants using this technology.
“One of the most impressive scientific achievements of the 21st century”
According to the news of CNN, US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm emphasized that the experiment in question was conducted for the first time in a laboratory anywhere in the world, “This is one of the most impressive scientific achievements of the 21st century.” made its assessment.

Worked on for over 60 years
Explaining that researchers have been working on this for more than 60 years, Granholm stated that this scientific achievement has strengthened national security by opening a new area for maintaining a safe, secure, and effective nuclear deterrence.
“Ignition allows us to replicate, for the first time, certain conditions found only in stars and the sun,” Granholm said. said.
Explaining that this “turning point” brings the US one step closer to the possibility of zero carbon fusion energy, Granholm said that fusion energy can be used in clean energy production, transportation fuels, and powering heavy industry.

“America has made a great scientific discovery”
“Today we are telling the world that America has made a great scientific breakthrough,” Granholm said.
Drawing attention to their investments in national laboratories and basic research, Granholm stated that they will continue to work for “a future that is partially powered by fusion energy”.
Pointing out that the said success will trigger even more discoveries, Granholm noted that the invention of fusion will enter the history books.

What is fusion?
In the statement made by the US Department of Energy, it was stated that fusion is the process of combining two lighter nuclei to form a single heavier nucleus and releasing a large amount of energy.
In the statement, it was reported that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s experiment delivered 2.05 megajoules of energy to the target, exceeding the fusion threshold and yielding 3.15 megajoules of fusion energy output.

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