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On October 29, 2022, in Turkiye, a car manufacturer showed their own production of the first electric car, TOGG, and now in Turkiye, a lot of potential customers are interested in “How to make preorders for TOGG.”

According to a report, TOGG would use a hybrid structure that combines digital and physical sales to make direct sales. So how does this model work properly? Scientists believe that the sector is going to experience significant transformation. It is expected that in the future, vehicles that are popular in shopping centers or on the street will be offered online.

On October 29, details regarding the brand’s sales plan were made public during Togg’s event. TOGG announced in a press release on October 29 that direct sales would be made using a hybrid structure that included both digital and physical components, and the following details were provided: Our users will immediately interact with our smart devices, and we will handle all sales processes. We will provide services in a hybrid framework that promotes the user and combines the digital and real worlds. Our goal is to make using Togg faster, more efficient, and more productive for users while still giving them a complete online experience.

Even traditional manufacturers no longer sell their latest electrified models through a dealer network. In November, we’ll launch our first touch point at Istanbul’s Zorlu Center. This number will increase to 19 in 2023. Before the pre-order period begins, 20 locations throughout 7 provinces will serve as our after-sales contact points, including fixed and mobile service points.

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