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One of the biggest producers of microchips in the world, Intel, is competing with Samsung for second place in the market.

Companies have increased their investments to address the chip supply issues despite the fact that they have grown in recent months.
One of the biggest chip makers in the world, Intel, declared that it would invest up to 80 billion euros over the next ten years to increase Europe’s chip capacity and that it would build a $100 billion facility in the United States.

The US-based chip giant Intel intends to overtake Samsung in the semiconductor market to overtake it the second-largest manufacturer in the world. Intel has recently made significant investments to increase chip production.
Intel, which until recently produced exclusively for itself, made a significant step last year and opened production to other businesses.
However, the business also has acquisition plans for Israeli foundry Tower Semiconductor.

Although Intel has increased its chip production targets, rivals Samsung and TSMC have already started 3nm production and are planning to switch to 2nm by 2025.

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