Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Sparrow, a robot arm that began working in Amazon warehouses, does not require any human labor at all.

Sparrow, a new intelligent robotic device from Amazon that uses classification to streamline the packing process, was introduced recently. Amazon claims the Sparrow arm can identify approximately 63 percent of its product inventory without human assistance, unlike robotic arms like the “Cardinal” and “Robin” that the retail giant has previously utilized, thus lessening the workload on human workers.

According to the corporation, more than 13 million parcels are selected, stacked, or unpacked each day by Amazon employees across the globe. Amazon intends to save human energy while facilitating the process by employing Sparrow to recognize and process millions of products using computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI).

Why does Amazon use robotics so much? A representative for Amazon said: “Robotic technology enables us to operate effectively and safely by allowing us to work smarter, not harder.” “In order to free up our staff’s time and energy for other activities while also increasing safety, Sparrow will cooperate with them to take on repetitive activities,” the company says.

According to sources, the retail giant urgently needs robotic intervention and leaked internal research warns that if Amazon doesn’t adjust its hiring methods, it may run out of workers ready to work in its warehouses by 2024. According to the study, if things continue as they are, Amazon would run out of workers in the US network by 2024. In other words, Amazon’s confidence in robot technology is now needed.

For a very long time, Amazon has made investments in robotics. By purchasing Kiva, a robot business whose technology is still widely used ten years later, the corporation made a significant investment in 2012 to increase the efficiency of its supply chain.

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