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It’s Turkiye’s second own-production car trial, and this time the project is successful. The first project was “Devrim” (in Turkish, it means “revolution”); in 1961, 24 Turkish engineers produced 4 trial cars in 130 days, but the government didn’t start mass producing “Devrim.”

This is the second project, “TOGG,” with an electric engine, and the car has two different battery configurations that offer 300- and 500-kilometer ranges. The cockpit will include a full-length LED display in the middle. Remote updates will be available to the automobile over a 4G or 5G connection, as it will have a quality connection to the service center, and the service crew will help the driver find out about problems remotely.

More information about TOGG:

The 4×4 model has a dual-motor setup with 400 horsepower.

The 2x model has a motor with 200 horsepower.

With 200 horsepower, the car will accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 7.6 seconds, and with 400 horsepower, it will do it in 4.8 seconds.

Battery guarantees are offered for 8 years.

By the end of 2023, TOGG is planning to establish itself in the Turkish market.

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