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After the unbelievable year 2021, another piece of bad news came to crypto investors, who were almost silent.

Cryptocurrency exchanges gained popularity in 2020, and they took off in 2021. Technology enthusiasts all over the world saw this period as an opportunity to both embark on a new adventure and become rich, and the cryptocurrency rush spread as it did. However, the scandals that started to erupt one after another, the world’s economic crisis, and the war between Russia and Ukraine took the breath out of cryptocurrencies, and, as always, it happened to the small investor.

As if Bitcoin, of which $100,000 was spoken last year, is not enough to cause fear of income up to $15,000 now, the taxation of gains from these funds by central governments is also on the agenda. The last name to take a step in this regard was Italy.

Shock bill accepted! The government will seize 25% of the profits from cryptocurrencies!
According to the bill, which was personally supported by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, from January 1, 2023, 26% of the profits from the trading of cryptocurrencies will be paid to the state as taxes. The only exception to this situation will be the amount of money earned. According to the draft law, Italian citizens must earn more than 2,000 euros in order to pay taxes.

On the other hand, considering the harsh statements made by the European Union Central Bank regarding cryptocurrencies in the morning, it would not be wrong to say that 2023 may be a difficult year for this sector.

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