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Which video game firm will play this part is the true question at this point. The fact that a fight and shooting will be shown simultaneously might be quite challenging for the producer. We believe that a great deal of effort must be put forth if the game is to satisfy players in both areas.

John Wick manages to fit a lot of entertaining elements into one game, including guns, gangsters, automobiles, and chases. That’s why playing a game with a John Wick theme might be enjoyable.

Lionsgate is performing field research for a video game based on the movies, according to Jonathan Feltheimer, who published the company’s profit statistics in the article. Even though there hasn’t been any progress on the game, it’s been reported that many producers have made proposals for John Wick.

We are informed that the fourth part will be released shortly and that the story will continue with the upcoming prequel series The Continental. On the other side, Lionsgate wants to use the John Wick name in various contexts in addition to continuing the series. After the movie and TV series, we will see John Wick in the video game sector for many years.

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