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According to reports, Apple has halted production of the iPhone 14 Plus as it decides if there is a substantial market for the new device.

Apple decided that larger is better for the iPhone 14 range and introduced the iPhone 14 Plus with the basic model, unlike the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, which came alongside the smaller iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 13 Mini. This bigger version of the most recent iPhone is a more affordable upgrade than the base model, even if it lacks some of the bells and whistles of the iPhone 14 Pro.

Although the iPhone 14 Plus has only been on sale for a little over two weeks, it appears that this choice hasn’t been popular with consumers since Apple has apparently halted the manufacture of the device.
According to reports, Apple has instructed a Chinese manufacturer to stop producing iPhone 14 Plus parts, and two factories that put together smaller components from iPhone 14 Plus parts are reportedly reducing output by 70% and 90%, respectively. The halt has reportedly been implemented as Apple reevaluates demand for the phone.

Why does nobody desire an iPhone 14 Plus, a study finds?
So why isn’t the iPhone 14 Plus receiving rave reviews? Most likely, this is due to the fact that the iPhone 14 Plus is only a pricier version of the standard device with a bigger screen and somewhat better battery life. The Plus may not provide enough of a benefit to justify spending an additional $100, £100, or AU$240 if consumers are wanting to treat themselves to a new iPhone at this time when everyone is concerned about the growing cost of living.

The iPhone 14 Pro is a phone that feels like a next-generation smartphone and offers far more value if users are seeking to shell out on a new plus-sized phone.

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