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The new “invisible” speakers from LG may be installed practically anywhere in the car and are intended to replace conventional speakers.

New “invisible” speaker technology for cars was unveiled by LG Display. The flat panel system is simple to install in practically any place in the car, including on the instrument panels and headrests. The Slim Actuator Sound Solution system, created by the South Korean tech giant as a direct replacement for conventional speakers in cars, does away with the normal protruding voice coils, cones, and magnets seen in most speakers in favor of a film-like excitation membrane.

These are designed to make the panels and various materials inside the car vibrate with the sound they produce, which LG claims can produce a “rich, 3D immersive sound experience.” According to LG, the panels only measure 5.9 x 3.5 in.; most importantly, they’re only a tenth of an inch thick and weigh as light as a feather at 1.4 ounces “without compromising sound quality.”

LG Display says it expects the speakers to begin appearing in new vehicle interiors in the first half of next year and could be experienced by the public for the first time when the technology is showcased at CES 2023 in Las Vegas in January.

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