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South Korea’s interest in crypto money and metaverse technology continues to increase. This time, a Korean bank institution called Shinan Bank has launched the metaverse universe, which it calls Shinamon.

South Korea-based Shinhan Bank stepped into metaverse technology. The metaverse platform called Shinamon will offer services in the fields of finance, health, art, and sports. Shinamon was tested by 85,000 visitors last June.

The concept of the metaverse continues to evolve almost every day. Many companies have accelerated their efforts to find a place in this field. According to the latest news, Shinhan Bank has launched a metaverse site to provide financial and non-financial services, claiming to be the first bank in the country to provide such a platform.

It also tested a real-time international remittance via stablecoin to the Standard Bank of South Africa operating in South Africa using the Hedera Hashgraph blockchain network. Shinhan Bank also appears as one of the early investors in Korea Digital Asset Custody, an industry consortium offering crypto custody services.

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