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According to the news shared by Reuters, Microsoft will offer Sony an agreement to get approval from the EU for the purchase of Activision. The agreement, the content of which is not yet known, will cover a period of 10 years.
Increasing its investments in the gaming world in recent years, Microsoft made a historic move in January of this year. The company announced that it would buy Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion. This acquisition was poised to become one of the largest acquisitions in history.
On the other hand, Microsoft encountered a big obstacle as it progressed in its pursuit of acquiring Activision. The European Union’s competition controller launched a thorough investigation into the purchase and extended the process. At the same time, Sony began to attack from the side, arguing that the acquisition would distort the competition.
Microsoft will compromise some privileges to overcome these obstacles:

Microsoft was already expected to give some concessions to the European Union to prove that the acquisition would not distort competition. Today, one of those privileges has emerged.
Reuters received striking information from an unnamed source who is said to have direct knowledge of the matter. Accordingly, Microsoft will offer a 10-year license agreement to PlayStation developer Sony to make the Activision purchase.
There is currently no information about the content of the agreement in question. But it seems to greatly increase the probability of the purchase taking place. Because even this news has already managed to increase the shares of Activision by 2%.
Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision has been unconditionally approved in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Serbia.
Statement from Microsoft: The deal will be about Call of Duty!
Speaking to Kotaku, a Microsoft representative shared that they are working with the EU Commission to address concerns over the acquisition process and the market. He also used the following statements about Sony:
“As the industry leader, Sony says it’s worried about Call of Duty, but we said we’re committed to making the same game available on both Xbox and PlayStation on the same day. We want people to access games more, not less.”
The statement in question revealed that Microsoft’s offer to Sony may include the release of CoD on PlayStation for another 10 years. Microsoft and Sony have been fighting each other for weeks over the Call of Duty issue.

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