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Along with wearable technology, artificial intelligence, 5G usage, and the development of applications like voice health assistants, mobile health is one of the major health technologies of the future.
The term “mobile health” refers to medical services delivered via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The term “health service” in this context refers to services that are used to safeguard and enhance people’s health, such as calorie counting, sleep monitoring, and fitness. When we talk about mobile devices, we’re talking about wireless technology like phones, tablets, PDAs, remote monitoring tools, and wearable gear.

Mobile Health is used for illness surveillance, therapeutic support, epidemic follow-up, and chronic disease management in addition to providing clinical health services to individuals. Mobile health applications are utilized in home healthcare applications for patient follow-up at home and for in-home hospital technology. By connecting to the service center with mobile health devices and accessing the patient’s treatment and medication information, as well as for the actualization of the therapy, mobile health is utilized specifically for doctors and nurses to provide health services in faraway locations. As in many other aspects of health, mobile health technology aids in the educational training of remote health staff.

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