Photo by NASA HQ PHOTO onĀ

With the Artemis space program, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) hopes to launch a manned Moon mission once again. Within the parameters of its mission plan, the institution selected its first three goals. Two days ago, Artemis I, the mission’s first phase, was successfully launched.

To send the second group of astronauts to the Moon, NASA selects the Starship rocket: Artemis had repeatedly put off making her initial move. The Artemis 1 mission was completed with its launch from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center after two successive cancellations. The three-phase Artemis missions are carried out by the Orion spacecraft. However, NASA is expanding SpaceX’s role in the project.

NASA selected SpaceX’s Starship to carry the second group of astronauts to the Moon. For Artemis 3, the space agency picked Elon Musk’s space enterprise so much so that Artemis 3 covers the program’s moon landing phase. The second cruise ship in Artemis 3 phase was the focus of the final agreement.

With NASA, SpaceX had a $2.9 billion deal. However, after the most recent agreement, this value has increased. The second group of astronauts’ trip to the Moon cost NASA an additional $1.15 billion. Astronauts are anticipated to visit the Moon for the first time in 2025 thanks to the Starship lunar lander.

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