Photo by Stuart Rankin onĀ

NASA researchers have revealed that astronauts who will go to Mars in the future can use wind energy to establish a habitat on the Red Planet.

The research, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Astronomy, discussed whether wind turbines could be used as an energy source for Mars missions.

The authors of the article concluded that wind power could be an important pillar of energy generation on the Red Planet. The research team, led by Victoria Hartwick, a postdoctoral researcher at NASA Ames Research Center, studied the global climate models of Mars. Analyzing the planet’s wind potential, the team said that “wind energy could be used as a stable, sustainable energy source across much of Mars.”


Scientists often turn to nuclear energy for space missions. However, placing nuclear devices near people’s living quarters can pose security risks. That’s why the researchers wanted to evaluate wind as a sustainable energy source for human settlements. The article included the following statements on the subject:

We found that at some recommended points for people to descend, the wind speed was high enough to be a complementary source of solar and nuclear power.

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