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Amir Rahimi, vice president of Netflix Game Studio, made the announcement on the Netflix website. They have opened their own game studio in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. With the addition of the new studio, Netflix now has four gaming studios.

Netflix has made another step into the gaming business by announcing the establishment of an internal game studio under the direction of Studio Director for Netflix Games Marko Lastikka in Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland.

Earlier today, Netflix reported that they have opened their own gaming studios in Finland on their website. “It’s another step in our aim to create a world-class gaming studio that will provide our hundreds of millions of members across the world with a range of fun and intensely engaging unique games, with no adverts and no in-app payments,” they added.

In a statement announcing the opening of an internal game studio in Helsinki, Finland, headed by Marko Lastikka, Netflix said they had made a significant concrete step toward achieving their vision to “build a world-class game studio that will provide our hundreds of millions of members with a variety of unique and immersive gaming experiences with ad-free and in-game purchases.”

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