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The hidden feature that comes with Chrome 108 prevents your browser from killing your computer’s battery.

Today, Google Chrome remains the most popular web browser. Most internet users use Chrome, and everyone knows how hungry it is for the computer’s battery. The more tabs you open and the more add-ons you install, the more energy Chrome draws.

Fortunately, Google has finally implemented an official “low power mode” solution that you can enable in one step. By removing the “Energy Conservation” feature in Chrome 108, Google aims to protect your battery by minimizing background activity, images, and frame rate. When these three components are limited, a change in performance is inevitable. Animations and page scrolling may stutter. However, this will be bearable if the laptop’s battery is going to last longer.

However, it’s unclear how much battery energy the Energy Saver will actually save, as this feature is so new.

How do I enable Low Power Mode in Chrome 108?
The first step is to update Chrome to version 108. If it didn’t update automatically, you can update on Windows, Mac, or Linux by clicking the three dots in the upper-right corner and choosing Help > About.

You’ll need to do some research next because Google hasn’t yet made the new option user-friendly. Type chrome://flags in the address line of the browser and press Enter. Search for “battery” on the next page and find the “Enable the battery saver mode feature in the settings” setting. Set this setting to “enabled.” Then restart the browser by pressing the “Relaunch” button. After that, when you come to the Settings section, under the “Performance” section, you will see the “Energy Saving” option.

From here, you have two options: you can enable Energy Saver when your laptop reaches 20 percent battery level, or you can choose to keep this feature on when your laptop is unplugged.

The feature will appear as a power leaf in your menu bar. You can’t switch between the two Energy Saver modes here, but you can disable them entirely if you want.

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