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Jack Dorsey, the creator of Twitter, has begun testing the brand-new, decentralized social media site Bluesky.

Founder Jack Dorsey, who resigned from his Twitter CEO seat in November last year, stated that Twitter has always been his biggest problem and regret.
Jack Dorsey made a statement after rumors that he would be reinstated as CEO of Twitter when Elon Musk takes over and said, “I will never sit in the CEO seat of Twitter again.” he said.

Jack Dorsey is building a new platform.
Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announced that beta testing of the new decentralized social media platform Bluesky will begin soon.
Jack Dorsey, who founded Twitter in 2006, announced that he would turn his Skyblue company, which he founded as a sister company to Twitter, into a social media platform in 2019.
Bluesky, which will be created in a blockchain-like structure, is intended to be created in a way that will not be restricted by companies and governments.

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