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Only six people came to the party held by the European Union to promote its metaverse platform.

Metaverse universes, called the technology of the future, have become very popular in the past year.
Many companies, especially Facebook’s parent company Meta, are making huge investments in this market.
Recently, the decline in the crypto world has seriously reduced interest in metaverse universes.
No interest in EU’s metaverse universe
The European Union held a party to promote its metaverse platform. About 400 thousand dollars were spent on the virtual beach party, which was touted as “full of music and fun”.
Only 6 people attended the party held by the EU to promote its metaverse platform.

One of the employees of the institution, who gave an interview to the newspaper after the event was announced last month, described the party as “shameful”.
After the announcement of the project, the EU faced intense reactions on social media.
Many users argued that the world has serious problems such as drought and food shortages and that the EU should spend this money there.

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