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Pakistan will teach 1 million young people about Web3 and cryptocurrency, focusing on blockchain-based technology.

As part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Program, the Office of the Pakistani Prime Minister has said that it will instruct 1 million young people on blockchain-based technologies, Web3, and cryptocurrencies (PMYP).

The young people will receive terminological and logical instruction in addition to the training that will be provided in collaboration with Fasset and the Pakistan Prime Minister’s Office, as well as knowledge of coding.

Shaza Khwaja discussed the issue and said the following:

“The Pakistani government has been working relentlessly for years to improve the abilities of young people all around the nation. However, I think that the private sector gives young people a fantastic opportunity to get ready for the future. The prime minister’s vision is to work toward the future in areas with significant economic significance, including digital skills. The cooperation between PMYP and Fasset is built on this.

Shaza Khwaja, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Youth Affairs, met with the Fasset team to discuss this program and the next Web3 training. Young people will have access to significant job prospects during their one-year studies.

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