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Rollic announced it had acquired Popcore, a German-based independent mobile game studio. The deal’s financial details weren’t made public.
Popcore, a leader in the puzzle category, has surpassed Parking Jam 3D and Pull the Pin to become the most downloaded game in the US Apple App Store! Its discography features international hits like Rollic added Popcore to its portfolio in February 2022, signaling international growth. This strengthened its position among global hyper-casual publishers in terms of downloads and revenue.

“When we place Popcore’s experience in game development side by side with the principles that Rollic supports, the joining of the two firms produces an outstanding synergy in terms of user experiences in the future of mobile gaming,” said Burak Vardal, CEO of Rollic, in a statement. Popcore’s being among us makes us very delighted, I added. With Popcore joining our family, we will be able to provide interactive alternatives for players that will last a long time using the technology and concepts created by our teams. “The combination of newcomers to the game world and seasoned players in our combined player pool, which will be created as a result of this merger, will represent the most valuable player base in the gaming world,” he continued. Rollic creates casual mobile game apps. In August 2020, the American video gaming company Zynga purchased 80% of the company’s shares for US$168 million.

Popcore co-founder Johannes Heinze said: “To create entertainment that strikes a compromise between the accessibility of the hyper-casual genre and the solid interaction of casual games, our teams carefully test our games and improve them based on deep data analytics.” This agreement will use branded advertising to develop the newest mobile game technology. “Our free-to-play mobile games will draw on Zynga’s in-game development experience as well as Rollic’s experience with international marketing,” “said.

Popcore, a company founded by brothers Thomas and Johannes Heinze, creates free-to-play, ad-supported games that have been downloaded more than 500 million times by players worldwide on iOS and Android. The team creates games with an understanding of user attitude and behavior that are appealing to a wide audience and encourage sustained engagement by utilizing data testing technologies that help experimentation with so little risk.

More than 150 members of the Popcore team, which has its headquarters in Berlin, work to create, test, and distribute their games throughout Europe.

Istanbul-based Rollic recently topped 2 billion downloads globally, and 19 games have so far ranked first or second in the US Apple App Store. Popular mobile games are created and released by the company in more than 175 nations.

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