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Researchers Want to Refreeze the North and South Poles

According to scientists, refreezing the north and south poles might stop the global disaster.

The Earth’s average temperature is steadily rising as a result of global warming; as a result, the glaciers are slowly melting and the planet is in danger.

Although both the atmosphere and the oceans are rising as a result of the changing climate, experts caution that the rate of ice shelf melting may accelerate.

Refreezing the north and south poles, according to scientists, may help manage the climate issue.

image: Australian Antarctica

Aerosol particles released into the sky by aircraft are thought to partially block sunlight, reversing ice loss and chilling the poles as a result, according to researchers at Yale University led by Wake Smith.

This solution approach will include the use of stratospheric aerosol injection, which will cost 10 billion pounds annually.

However, according to experts, it would be less expensive than alternative approaches to climate catastrophe.

The researchers calculated that to do this would take around 175,000 flights annually and add millions of tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.


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