Photo by Steve Jurvetson onĀ

One of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles, Tesla, has high hopes for the humanoid robot. The business plans to use humanoid robots to create an army of workers.

Recent reports say that Tesla has increased the number of employees for its Optimus robot, also known as the Tesla Bot, to close to 20. These positions include software developers, deep learning researchers, actuator technicians, and interns at internal meetings.

Also mentioned was Tesla’s plan to use thousands of humanoid robots in its manufacturing facilities. Those that submitted a job posting were successful in getting attention. The development of scaled humanoid two-frames by Tesla to automate laborious and repetitive tasks is on schedule. From conception to implementation, this stack is developed and owned by our motion planning software developers. Most significantly, you will see that thousands of humanoid robots in our factories frequently use and send your work to them.

Future houses are anticipated to have robots, which are primarily intended for use in industries. Musk further claims that the robot is capable of performing jobs like mowing the yard, cooking, and looking after the elderly.

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