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Starlink satellite internet service, implemented by SpaceX, has surpassed 1 million users.

SpaceX company, owned by Elon Musk, continues to launch new Starlink satellites as part of the project to bring the internet to every inaccessible point of the world.
The Starlink fleet is expected to be expanded to 12 thousand satellites and then 42 thousand satellites in the coming years.
The number of subscribers exceeded 1 million
In a post on Starlink’s official Twitter account, it was informed that the number of Starlink users exceeded 1 million.

SpaceX charges Starlink users $599 for a one-time setup fee and a $110 monthly subscription fee.
Starlink currently offers internet speeds of around 300Mb/s in this package. But as new satellites are launched and placed in lower orbits, speeds will increase even more.
On the other hand, customers who want to use a package that goes up to 500 Mbps have to pay 500 dollars per month.

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