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The online payment system Stripe is beginning to accept bitcoin payments. Individuals who do business as Freelancers have the ability to get paid in USDC.

The industry leader in payments, Stripe, now allows freelancers to be paid in USD Coin (USDC). However, USDC is an open method of sending money to individuals all across the world, according to Circle co-founder Jeremy Allaire.

In recent times, several businesses have embraced cryptocurrency more quickly to maintain a larger range of operations. Paying freelancers is extremely tough in nations where payment services like Paypal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are not available. Due to this, the payments provider Stripe stated that it has made USDC stablecoin payments available to independent contractors.

Stripe will be able to reach more people in more countries thanks to this shift. Since users are not limited to using conventional payment methods for money transfers, it has the potential to completely disrupt the game for freelancers.

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