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Researchers think that a significant portion of living things may face extinction by the end of the century.

Scientists made a prediction about the future.
Within the scope of the study, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe was used.
Networks created were connected in nature based on who ate whom, and then climate and land use changes were applied to the system to inform projections for the future.
Extinction chain threatens living things
Species have been recorded as disappearing due to global warming or falling victim to an extinction chain.
The report claims that 10 percent of all plants and animals on Earth will be extinct by 2050, and this number will increase to 27 percent by 2100.
“Those born today may be the last generation to see elephants”
This era of extinction means that children born today may be the last generation to see elephants and koalas, the researchers said.
Professor Corey Bradshaw, one of the study’s authors, said: “Imagine a predator that loses its prey to climate change. The loss of prey species is a primary extinction because it succumbed to a direct disturbance. But the predator with nothing to eat will also go extinct, a collective extinction.” said.

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