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Mass production of Tesla’s electric pickup Cybertruck will begin at the end of next year. Collected pre-orders make Tesla smile.

Tesla’s new electric car model Cybertruck has managed to attract attention, especially with its extraordinary design.
The electric car, which is planned to go on sale for about $ 40 thousand, has already aroused the curiosity of many users.
Experts thought that the electric pick-up would not receive enough attention due to its rather different appearance. However, incoming data shows that expectations have already been exceeded.
Cybertruck pre-orders exceed 1.5 million
The demand for Cybertruck, which received more than 250 thousand pre-orders in just one week after its introduction in 2019, is increasing rapidly. Total Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders in 2022 exceeded 1.5 million.

Cybertruck will enter mass production by the end of next year
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Cybertruck will hit the roads in mid-2023. But the latest report says customers will have to wait a little longer.
According to a report by Reuters citing sources close to the subject, the Tesla Cybertruck will enter mass production towards the end of 2023.
Tesla will have generated a revenue of $ 90 billion just by delivering existing orders.

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